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Cyia Batten has been referred to as a multidisciplinary artist, having worked in numerous areas of creative expression. A former dancer and actor, jewelry designer, menswear designer, stylist, and teacher of meditation and mindset, Cyia turned her keen eye to interior styling & design. As a long-time creative and aesthete, with a gift for sourcing & procurement, it was a natural shift for her. Cyia works with personal clients as well as collaborating with high-end designers to dress and 'finish' a home. A firm believer that her job is not to infuse her own aesthetic onto a project but to interpret and bring to life the voice and vision of her clients, she easily adapts to a variety of styles and expressions. Her life-long obsession with scouting, buying, and designing makes Cyia happy to work with individuals who want a home 'zshuzsh' or overhaul and with designers who prefer the foundational phase of a project more than the accessorizing and finish-work. She also has experience with styling on professional photo shoots for residential or commercial projects and has been a buyer and spotter for retailers. Cyia's many years in front of the camera make her perspective of styling unique, and her ability to work with photographers on set, seamless. Her work as a mindset & meditation guide infuses inspiration and compassion into all of her work, making her a popular go-to for designers and clients alike. 


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03 services

• Interior Styling - residential and commercial for individuals and designers

• Interior Design Services

• Interiors Photoshoots - residential and commercial 

• Event Styling 

• Sourcing & Procurement - for individuals and designers 

• Creative Direction 


04 contact

Tel: 424.410.3029

Based in Los Angeles, CA 

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