Hello You.

Like you, I've had many iterations in life. I've moved from a successful career in the entertainment industry to interiors & design to spiritual health & wellness (with a few pitstops in the fashion industry). After years of teaching various aspects of spirituality, I have landed in that yummy, juicy center of the in-between.
My work is the cumulation of the multitude of life experiences I have had, years of research and teaching, and I now proudly bridge the gap between

Spirituality & Practicality 
Lifestyle & Design. 



Drawing upon spirituality, neuroscience, energy, and psychology,  I teach you simple tools to master your mindset so you can unlock your greatest potential and step into your innate power. 

I have worked with high-level CEOs, celebrities, and those living more quiet lives -- each of whom crave ease, peace of mind, freedom from anxiety & fear of failure, and to release personal blocks that keep them stuck.

Mindset work is for EVERYONE.  

You are meant to thrive, your gifts are needed, and you are most definitely capable of creating a life that allows them all to be seen.

To book a discovery call to see if we are a fit, email hello@cyiabatten.com

Your best life awaits. 


"A long-time spiritual teacher, transformation & mindset mentor, energy healer, intuitive and personal development coach, Cyia Batten has logged thousands of hours working with clients, teaching courses & workshops, and guiding meditations for years. Whether for 3 people or 3000, her meditations are impactful and supportive, guiding the practitioner back to their empowered center, and her work, inspirational. Her greatest joy is helping her clients and students reconnect to their innate wisdom and power. 

Cyia came to this work after a storied career in entertainment, fashion & wellness. She achieved success as an actor & global performer, in the fashion industry as a designer & founder of a tech start-up, and finally, in the wellness world as a long-time coach to high-level executives seeking ease or those living a quiet life, desiring deeper connection. With the life-long gift of feeling & reading energy, Cyia's healing work and teachings are the coming together of a remarkable breadth of life experience & training, neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, and intuition. In her words, "we rise together" - the compassionate platform upon which she's built her reputation."

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"Cyia Batten is a very gifted coach and pure magic. I had been feeling stuck for over 5 years when I decided to register for her “Mindset Reset”. A week before the course, during my preparation, I started to notice a shift. Life became more expansive and it felt like I was experiencing “good luck” in areas that had previously been challenging. Once in the reset this clarity multiplied. It has been 3 weeks since the reset ended and my life looks completely different. I quit my job, I’m dating, I’ve dialed in my nutrition, and I’ve stopped drinking.

Cyia’s approach is very unique. She uses elements of spirituality, psychology, and science making her a Mindfulness Triple Threat. This was helpful for me since I tend to be very cerebral and like to view things from multiple angles. I consider Cyia a Jedi Priestess and am so grateful to have her as a mindfulness teacher. I trust her unequivocally and look forward to more online offerings as well as in-person meditation classes and workshops in Los Angeles." - Ethan Carter 

"Cyia is an amazing healer." 

"Her breadth of experience lends itself to an extensive personal library of wisdom. She's been around the world, literally, figuratively and experientially so it's clear when she speaks to a crowd, no matter the size, that she's relatable and authentic."

"When you work with Cyia you get the sense that she cares about your success as much as you do. You feel seen like never before. It was incredible." 

“The Reset with Cyia Batten was so incredibly uplifting and helpful for me in reprogramming the way I speak to myself as well as they way I raise my children.  All the tools, tips and tricks I learned from this course on how much changing my mindset changes my life, will be with me forever, this type of knowledge is priceless.  I also find that I continue to share what I learned every single day with my friends and family, so this course not only helped me personally, but it’s one of those gifts that keeps on giving and I am so grateful for it.” - Celeste Iuul 
"Can never say enough about CYIA.
She is such a force." 

"I can say with confidence that working one-on-one with Cyia changed the course of my life. Where I was playing small before, I am now shining. I am so grateful." 

"Amazing! Unbelievably intuitive, touching and caring."  

"Cyia Batten is such a powerful speaker; you can feel her passion in every word." 

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