Meet Cyia 


Did you know that I am also an herbalist & medicine woman?!

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for powerful herbal support formulated especially for this time. 

Available by local pick up or shipping. 

"With a storied career in entertainment, fashion & wellness, Cyia Batten has seen the world through the eyes of each organic iteration. Years spent in front of the camera, time spent styling, directing & creating behind it, her experience as a jewelry designer and later as a menswear designer, and as a long-time teacher of meditation & leader of workshops

-- sometimes in front of hundreds of people --  

have all resulted in her culminating a keen eye about people.


With the life-long gift of feeling & reading energy, of being seen herself and of relating to people from all walks of life, Cyia's healing work and her teachings are the coming together of each facet. Her work as a spiritual advisor, energy healer, medicine woman & certified herbalist, speaker, teacher and guide is unique, innovative & experienced, 

just like Cyia.

Her breadth of experience is the reason she's been a relied-upon ally for both high-end corporate and private clients who work in the public eye just as well as those living more quietly.

In Cyia's words, "we rise together," and it is that compassionate platform upon which she's built her reputation." 

Hi there!

I'm glad you are here.

One of my greatest joys is this gift of intuition and

that it allows me to help you step fully into your power and light. 

If you feel a bit stuck or unclear and you desire guidance and clarity, it would be  my honor to help you

remember who you are. 

(You're amazing, I can assure you)

I look forward to working with you. 

                                                     With love, 

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