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Did you know that I am also an herbalist & medicine woman?!

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You made it!

I am really glad you are here. 

Like yours, my story is long and complex. I'll spare you the details but for now, some important, juicy bits here: 

I was still quite young when I figured out that I could feel more about a person than what they were saying with their words. 

Reading, feeling and receiving energy was the norm for me from a very early age.  It was the language I was most comfortable hearing and, it remains the language I most trust. 

Despite that -- despite having this gift, I spent many years feeling disconnected and disembodied. 

I quieted my own voice and ignored my intuitive abilities so I could better fit societal norms -- or what I thought was expected of me.

Traditionally, we weren't taught to listen to our inner voice as much as we were taught to meet expectations, to follow, and to fit in. 

I knew this didn't suit me and that by quieting my inner wisdom, I was hiding my gifts, my potential and the 'real me', if you will. 

But I went along with it anyway.


As an adult, this separation of self landed me in a very abusive marriage that was nearly impossible to disentangle from.

It meant that I also chose a best friend/business partner who would go on to cheat me out of more money than you can imagine. It meant I chose people with zero integrity because I didn't think I was worthy of demanding better.  It meant that I didn't use my voice to speak up for myself or for what I believed in.

It meant I didn't go full-throttle after my dreams.

And on and on and on....

This separation from my truth had me floating and cycling, 

depressed and unfulfilled. 

For years.

On the surface, my life looked enviable: I had a beautiful home, a great career as a working actor, a professional dancer and as a Pussycat Doll. 

Later, I started what would become a very successful jewelry business, eventually partnering with a major celebrity.  

I was very successful, I could buy whatever I needed or wanted.  

I traveled the world at will and in first class, I had fancy cars and a giant closet. 

And yet, I was miserable and I cried almost every single day.

Can you imagine?!

I'm sure many of you can. 

Thankfully, I hit a breaking point. I finally reached a place where I couldn't carry on like this any longer.

I knew that I wanted more out of myself and out of life. 

But I also knew that what I wanted didn't exist out there



It was time to make some serious changes. 

I woke up one day and realized that despite all I had gone through, despite all the sources of pain, it wasn't anyone else's fault that I continued to suffer.  

It wasn't necessarily my fault either because I simply didn't know any better.

Until I did.

My intuition screamed so loudly at me one day that I had no choice but to listen.  

I realized (or remembered) that nobody else could alter my energy, my responses, my view, or my story about what I had gone through. 

I had to become my own hero. 

I had to rise up regardless. 



Once I began to trust my own voice, I accessed that intuition I knew so well as a child before I quieted its presence. 

And it is that intuition and experience that allows me to help you access your strengths, get out of your own way, and access your intuition so you can get to your healing. 

"Healing" is a current buzz word, I know. 

And I know a lot of people think that healing is reserved only for 'a certain type of person' -- someone woo-woo or new age-y.

But I call bullshit on that. 

Healing can take on so many forms and it can arrive in so many different ways.

Everybody can use some healing, no matter how great or minor their need. 

For, it is only in healing the blocks, the stagnation & the stories that no longer serve you that your highest path reveals itself.  

And when it does, you become free to boldly step into your power and 

meet your fullest potential. 

At last!

But my friend, you have to be willing.

You have to get real.

You have to decide that you're worth it. 

It is my greatest pleasure to help you rise up, begin to express your best self 

and connect to your inherent gifts. 

I am a firm believer that you are your own greatest healer

you are wildly intuitive and far more powerful than you give yourself credit for. 

It is my honor to help you tap into these truths.

You are amazing. I promise.

I look forward to working with you. 

Remember: we all rise together.


                                             With so much love, 

"With a storied career in entertainment, fashion & wellness, Cyia Batten has seen the world through the eyes of each organic iteration. Years spent in front of the camera, time spent styling, directing & creating behind it, her experience as a jewelry designer and later as a menswear designer, and as a long-time teacher of meditation & leader of workshops -- sometimes in front of hundreds of people --  have all resulted in her culminating a keen eye about people. With the life-long gift of feeling energy, of being seen herself and of relating to people from all walks of life, Cyia's healing work and her teachings are the coming together of each facet. Her work as a spiritual advisor,  as a medicine woman & certified herbalist, a speaker, teacher and guide is unique, innovative & experienced, 

just like Cyia."

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