What is Intuitive Energy Healing?

Intuitive energy healing is an approach to holistic healing that allows the practitioner to access their own deep meditative state, accessing an altered state of consciousness through the alpha-theta and delta brain waves, making it easier to receive intuitive information about a clients health or life situation. Intuitive energy healing can be used for creating physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental healing. From a meditative state the practitioner is able to connect to the Superconcious or Divine Mind of God, Divine Source, etc. It is from this place of total and complete connection to the Divine that the practitioner is able to access and give an intuitive or psychic reading for the client. It is during this reading that the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual elements related to the current issue at hand for the client may be intuitively received.

Can I hire you for a group session, healing circle or workshop?

Yes! I love guiding group sessions, healing circles and leading workshops and I do so often. Together we discuss the needs and interests of your group and I design a program accordingly. Please send an email to hello@cyiabatten.com for more information.

Is my privacy guranteed?

Absolutely. My number 1 rule. It is a part of my code to respect your privacy in our work together. What happens in our convos, stays in our convos. If, at any time, you wish to share a testimonial, it will be done so only with your written permission granted to me for this exact purpose.

Can I hire you to speak at an event or teach at our retreat?

Yes, I would love to! I am always happy to come speak or teach at retreats. Any opportunity I have to share my message, I enthusiastically take so long as the event's purpose aligns. Please send an email to hello@cyiabatten.com for more information.

What kinds of workshops do you teach?

I have many in my arsenal and always love creating new ones for speciifc purposes or to fill a need. I lead workshops in intutiive energy healing, crystal healing, basic plant medicine, manifestation, tapping into your extraordinary self, shadow work, the chakras and how they work, the importance of 'I AM' and more. I've led workshops for everyone from small groups to large retreats to VIP celebrity clients to people interested in growing their spiritual foundation. This work is for EVERYBODY. Please reach out to me for more info!

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