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Energy Speaks.

Can you hear it?

It speaks to you in every encounter you have with another human being.

It speaks to you when you enter a space.

It speaks to you when you are presented with a question or a challenge.

It speaks to you in your thoughts and in your physical reactions to any person, place or thing.

It speaks to you through your body, your health, your dreams and your fantasies.

It often speaks to you in a whisper and occasionally it arrives as a scream.

Instantaneous. Loud. Undeniable.

Either way it is there all around you, swirling in and out of you.

And its purpose is simple: its purpose is to assist and to guide you.

To curate, highlight and inspire.

This energy that is speaking to you is doing so via your greatest gift, one that all human beings possess: your intuition.

Consider it your inner navigation system.

It is so important to tune into your station.

To listen and to receive.

It is the key to your thriving, really: it allows you to follow the path laid out only for you.

And to follow the path that is how we honor the Beings we are in this lifetime.

The more you tune into your intuition station, the easier it will become to hear the messages and the wisdom. .

Consistency and practice! Intentional connections. A great place to begin is with the full body scan.

This will help you tune in, check in, assess, listen, and receive.

Here are a few quick tips to help you give yourself an energetic scan:

1) Take a seat. This is your PAUSE. It is far easier to hear energy when we are quiet.

2) Close your eyes.

3) Take a few deep breaths. This will help you pull your energy and focus into the body and settle into the present moment.

4) After a few cycles of breath, begin at the top of your head, feeling into the crown (can you make that area tingle with your attention?) and working downwards. As if molasses were oozing down your body or a horizontal laser was scanning, move slowly. Travel from head to toe.

5) First, FEEL each part of your body, attempting to connect to and awaken each area as you move through. Can you feel sensations in the skin and you travel through this area?

6) Next assess the feeling held within each space. Are you tense? Relaxed? Any discomfort? Check in.

7) After scanning once or twice, go back to the crown again and envision a wave, a wind or a beam of light moving through, from head to toe, cleaning and clearing out any debris that blocks you from your intuition.

8) Do a few times and pick up the speed as you go.

When you are finished, you may feel an energetic buzz, you may even feel a little light-headed.

Take a few breaths to stabilize before getting up.

This practice is a powerful one! Do it as often as you can in order to stay deeply connected to the wisdom within and to begin to hear, read and receive intuitive hits by plugging into the flow of energy.

When you speak to it, it will surely reply.

Wishing you wellness and love,



(Beautiful artwork by @humid_peach)

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