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Do you remember all those times you wanted to achieve, learn, create, start, build, invent, or launch something?

And remember how, when you got started, you were gung-ho and super enthusiastic about it?

And then the bubble burst when things got a little challenging and suddenly your interest waned and your excitement dulled and the next thing you know, that ‘thing’ gets added to the long list of other ‘things’ you desperately wanted, began and then, just as quickly, gave up on?

It’s absolutely BRUTAL, isn’t it.

I know it well.


I have no doubt that, at the end of it all, what we neglected to do is what will haunt us most.

There is nothing worse than self-betrayal and giving up on one’s dreams (unless, of course, that is the empowered choice) is the worst kind of self-betrayal there is.

If you want to go somewhere other than where you are, you have to travel.

You have to move.

You have to shift.

You have to be willing to be uncomfortable.

You have to fall down over and over and get back up each time you do.

You have to be persistent, tenacious, focused and intentional.

In order for change to happen, you have to change.

And how do we do that?

Decide to be dogged.

It is the ONLY way change happens.

By making one simple decision and the energy of action behind it, your dreams will be within reach.

Put one foot in front of the other no matter what and ESPECIALLY if you want to quit.

It wasn’t until I started paying attention to when it was that I felt the urge to quit something, that things began to change for me. Noticing the urge to quit helped me decide to be dogged because I was so pissed at what was stopping me and how lame it was, honestly. It was then that I began to barrel through regardless. One step at a time. I refused to be brought down by these ridiculous pests (ie., those internal voices that say "you can't do this" or "who do you think you are?" Etc., etc.) and slowly but surely, I noticed shift. Through practice, I conquered the internal dialogue, the discouraging habits, the little demons nipping at my ankles.

I'd discovered how capable I was and watched the doors as they flew open.

Change is hard, Friends.

But it is possible.

Keep going.



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