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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Friends, as we are being challenged to meet every single, sharp edge within, I offer you my simple tips for a successful day in quarantine. All you have to do is choose five of these to practice each day. Only five! I know you can do it. I believe in you. We rise together; let's do this!


Don't panic; you're only picking five.

1) Make your bed.

Make it like Martha Stewart is coming for a visit. Sweep those sheets (no, not with a broom; 'sweep' them with your arm), pull the bottom sheet tight, make hospital corners, tuck them in tight, fluff those pillows, make your bed more beautiful than it has ever been.

This is a lot of pressure, I know, but trust me, it will feel so good when you climb in tonight.

You will be loving life.

Go make your bed. Now.

2) Deep clean that crown.

Take a shower and wash. that. canky. hair.


We CAN tell in your IG Lives that you've been stretching out that shampoo, ya know.

3) Put on some real clothes.

Get dressed like you are going to see more than the human beings you've been holed up with for the last almost two weeks. Pretend they're not driving you absolutely insane and that you actually care how you present to them and that you want to win their approval.


dress for yourself (YES, Sis).

Either way, go get fully dressed and act AS IF.

4) Be present.

Turn off, step away from, silence, or put away (aka: hide) all electronics for AT LEAST 30 mins.

This means NO Instagram, no news, no TikTok, no digitally documenting this momentous occasion. No, you don't need pictures of it.

Just be present. Be in it.


5) Clean that temple.

No sugar and/or -- don't kill me for suggesting this -- no alcohol.

Good luck to you.

And really good luck to your quarantine crew who will have to tolerate you in this state.

6) Pause.

Stop futzing. Stop cleaning. Stop "teaching" or whatever you're calling your homeschooling skills. Stop cooking/eating/snacking. Be still for a few moments. Breathe deep. Reflect. Check in with your body, your mindset, your heart. Meditate (psst: do it with me on IG @cyia or on Zoom!).

Don't future trip. Don't look back in regret. Take a few moments of rest to, once again...


7) Drink tea.

Make it a ceremony. Give it a moment. Enjoy the warmth. Breathe in the aroma (yes, I'm serious). Revel in it and try hard to look like a hotel model -- you know, balcony, bathrobe, beautiful view vibes. Make it fun. Tea IS A MOMENT.

8) Reconnect.

Send a text or an email or -- dare I say it??!! -- pick up the phone and call someone for no other reason than to express your love for them. Give them the why and the what too. Make them feel, not only thought of but seen. Trust me, it's all anybody really wants.

Along those lines and better yet, how about you FaceTime them.

Make some real time, face to face digital connection (post-practicing #4).

(If you're rocking an Android, I don't know what to suggest. Errrrm, get an iPhone?)

9) Find Gratitude.

Acknowledge ALOUD what you feel grateful for (this means you say it so that other actual people and maybe even the Universe can hear it).

If this list is not long, you might need to check yourself before you wreck yourself, my friend.

If you're breathing, you have a LOT to be grateful for. If you're reading this, you have a computer or mobile device, access to wifi and the luxury of an education that taught you to interpret weird symbols on a page (ie., you can read), all of which means that you have A LOT TO BE GRATEFUL FOR. Name them. Call them out. Say thanks. Do it twice.

10) Exercise

For 30 mins straight. Move. Dance. Yoge. (not a typo) Whip your hair back and forth (maybe don't do that for 30 mins). Do something active and DON'T whine about it. (I'm well aware that this is likely the hardest part). You can. You will! Your mental health will thank you later and so too will your muscles.

11) Sun Soak.

Get some good 'ol Vitamin D. Sit in the sun for 15 mins. Word on the street is that doing it naked is the most productive and soul-calming way to absorb it (this is not the word on any actual street but it is the law of the land on my own, made-up street).

12) Fix your first-person thinking.

Think of some inspiring, exciting, empowering, 'when-I-get-out-of-quarantine,-I'm-gonna'

"I Am's."


I AM CAPABLE. I AM SUCCESSFUL And so on, and so on.

Friends, hear this:

In every single class and workshop I have taught in the last 4 years, I have said these words:

Energy grows where attention flows.


Your I Am's become your LIFE.

( I really should trademark this one; if you steal it, Karma will find you eventually).

I mean both of those as seriously as I have ever meant anything. They are true. I believe them wholeheartedly and I LIVE BY THEM.

What I want you to do is to counter all those unkind I Am's you've uttered to yourself in the mirror when you wake up and look like a blowfish, or that you've thought to yourself when you've made a mistake or have done something utterly embarrassing, or the super low vibe I Am's that you've said to a friend under the guise of self-deprecating humor (PS: self-deprecating humor is NOT HUMOR, it's soul-crushing bullshit stated in a weird attempt to win approval but that's another story...).

Go counter that garbage with the TRUTH.

You are brilliant and magical and powerful and ready and able.

Go write your I AM's. The best ones. The ones that light you up. That inspire you. Fuel you. Honor you. That voice deep down inside of you, the one that comes from your heart, knows full-stop what you are capable of and what the right "I AM's" are for you.

Listen deep, Loves. I can assure you that it is desperate to be heard.

And finally...

13. Know that you are loved.

'Cuz I most certainly love you. And I'm quite sure I am not the only one.

Remember you are only picking five a day. They'll support you and lift you up, I promise.

We are all in this together, Friends and as I end every single class/workshop:


Luh ya.

x, Cyia

PS: below is my short meme-version (IS it a meme? What is a meme exactly?!) that you can click and drag if you want to post yourself. I'd be ever so grateful if you linked it to this post and/or credited my @.

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