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Setting Course

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

How do you generally start your day?

Are you aware of how you step into it or do you tend to slide into the day depending on mood?

Did you know that how we start our day bears great influence on how we'll end our day?

I encourage you to look at your morning habits, beginning with your thoughts.

When you wake, what moves through your mind?

Do your first thoughts sound anything like:

"Ugh, I'm soooo tired."

"Is it morning already?!"

"My body hurts; I'm so stiff."

"I'm dreading this day."

"I have so much to do" (or in these pandemic times, "I have nothing to do" or "when is this going to end?" or "how am I going to pay my bills?" or all of the above.)

Then, of course there's the the good ol' reliable:

counting the hours until you can go to bed again.

I know all of the above rather well, as many of them used to be on repeat in my own repertoire. This means that I am awfully familiar with how defeating and depleting thoughts like this can be, especially at the start of one's day.

It's a connection that is often overlooked but truly, one that cannot be ignored.

Negative morning thoughts set the course for the day. They ring out like a siren to the Universe announcing their presence and power over our energy body and our emotional state. You might feel inclined to argue, "well, it was how I felt at the time, so that is what I expressed in my thoughts."

But I will counter with this possibility: do you feel that way because your habitual thoughts told you to feel that way? This could pull us swiftly into a chicken/egg argument but really, who is to say how the order of things must go?

Why can't YOU decide?

I've come to believe that how we do anything is how we do everything. I heard it years ago from my brilliant designer friend, Alexandra Hayden. I'll never forget her saying those words to me. They dropped like a bomb, and I resisted them like a champ

(psst: I resisted because they were basically calling me out and I wasn't yet ready to look at my low vibe habits.)

It felt like too general a statement that offered no room for freedom of choice (and/or: laziness, mood, denial, etc.).

But, as time went on, and as I decided that growth was more important to me than comfort, I began to hear that statement differently. I saw that it, in and of itself, offered freedom.

It's so simple! All I have to do is be in integrity! You literally cannot ask for more clear guidelines.

I immediately began to implement its wisdom whenever possible. (Thank you, Sweet Alex.)

I'd read all about the Law of Attraction and manifestation. I spoke often in my classes and workshops about the importance of intention. I was well aware that my energy affected my experience but I wasn't monitoring my thoughts consistently. I seemed to think I only had to do that when I sat down to do my manifestation work.

Ummmm, no.

It's no surprise that nothing changed until this changed.

How we do anything is how we do everything.

I began instituting a morning practice. A non-negotiable practice.

It began with my thoughts. I watch very closely the first thoughts that swim through my mind in the morning. Instead of being at the mercy of wherever my thoughts wanted to travel, I became the tour guide.

It's very simple actually once the habit is implemented.

The catch is that it requires discipline to create a new habit.

So, my suggestion is to go back to that line up there about how we do anything.

Read it again and again. Meditate on it.

Do YOU want to be in the passive role? Or do you want to be in the lead?

I like to be in the lead. I am highly competitive with myself, so I don't like giving over my valuable resources (ie., energy) to anything that isn't worthy of them.

I am simply unwilling to do so.

How we start our day most often defines how we'll end our day.

YOU are in charge.

Below, you'll find some practices, 9 tips, that I use myself and highly recommend.

Choose one or choose a few to work with. Give them a try for one week. That's it. Set an alarm, stick a post-it note next to your bed, ask a friend/partner/lover to remind you of your plan and GET. IT. DONE.

It's so important to stay in your power. Always, yes, but these days in particular.

Help yourself. Set the course. Be the director of your life. You are worth your best days.

May these suggestions serve your highest good.

You are loved.



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