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The Power of Decision

With so much chaos and uncertainty swirling around in the world outside of us, it can be difficult to remember that we maintain the power over how our overall experience goes.

What if the outcome of your days boiled down to making one simple decision?

Can you imagine that? How does that feel to you? Do you believe it?

I happen to be a deep feeler. When I feel a thing, I feel it. Through and through, head to toe, inside and out and, try as I might, I am not good at faking it.

Are you anything like me in that when we are not careful, we run the risk of being taken over by whatever we are feeling in the moment, which can be particularly concerning when we are feeling discouraged (an easy feeling to tap into these days with all the disheartening news and deep suffering going on in the world)?

It's not so fun, is it.

Here's the good news: it doesn't have to be this way! I have had to work very hard over the years to learn to engage differently with my breadth of emotion so it doesn't own me.

And you can too.

Here's what works for me --and it is far more simple than I ever imagined.

I call it my One Day/One Choice tool.

Every morning, I ask myself one question.

I change the question each day a little bit to keep things exciting but I cycle between the following (notice the key words in bold):

1) "What energy will I allow in my Being today?"

2) "How do I want to show up in the world today?"

(another great tip on using this languaging in day-to-day life here)

3) "Who or what do I want to be today?"

4) "How do I want to feel today?"

Very simple questions, yes. But the answers are profoundly impactful. So impactful, in fact, that they may surprise you.

Recently, I was feeling rather tossed by the state of things in the world. I'd felt quite discouraged for two days and to be honest, while I think allowing the full spectrum of emotions is so important to our health and well-being, I can't really afford major time down like that. I'm quite sure you can't either. So, upon waking to a new week the next Monday morning, I went about the work of presenting myself my question.

I decided on that particular morning that I wanted to be strong that day. I didn't expand on it, I didn't explain or worry about the how of it, I just simply chose those two words "Be strong."

I hadn't felt strong at all but that one little decision changed the course of my day.

In each action I took that day, the words echoed in my mind and fueled me onward.

With each decision I had to make that day and in every effort I put forth, those words played across my mind and seeped into my heart acting as a beautiful reminder of the power I hold.

Before I knew it, my entire energy being shifted, which shifted the vibration I was sending out, which shifted how I responded to the goings-on in my life and in the world, which shifted the vibration of what was coming back to me.

I had a stellar day, accomplished the list I needed to tackle and most importantly, I felt as strong as I'd chosen to be. When I crawled into bed that night, I felt really proud of myself.


I'd made one simple decision that redirected my course. One day/one choice.

"Who do I want to be today?"

One simple decision each morning (or hour by hour if necessary), can change your vibration, your day, your experience and your life.

Try it for yourself and please let me know how this amazing tool works for you.

May it serve your highest good.

Sending you love from my heart to yours.



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