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The Scales of Justice

It's time.

For those of us born into privilege simply because of the tone our skin holds, it's time to get quiet.

To listen.

To receive.

To read, watch and become better educated.

To humbly drop our guard, to let go of our walls, to be willing to sit in the discomfort of hard conversations, to open our hearts and our wallets for those on the receiving end of prejudice and injustice, to support those who need to be heard and to allow them safe space in which to do so, to reach out our hands in solidarity and love, and to use your own voices, not for ourselves but to echo the needs of black community.

The time has come for these needs to be given center stage.

At last.

See below for some valuable resources and I'll leave you with this:

Let us not forget that the balanced scales represent justice.

Until the black community is treated with the same respect as the white community,

there is no justice.

Below are some important RESOURCES:





As always, my heart is with you.



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